Experience Bordeaux In VR

"Port de la Lune – Bordeaux Vibes" is a VR video clip promoting the city of Bordeaux (France) on the music of the Arcachonais band Splendor In The Grass. Produced in 2018 for Bordeaux's tourist office, the 2-minute clip offers a stroll along the port and the Garonne river and allows to discover the identity of the city.

The VR film can be watched here : https://youtu.be/RnVjIn2Z2Zg

Innovative storytelling

"Port de la Lune – Bordeaux Vibes" is an innovative film combining several animation techniques for an original rendering: traditional 2D animation for characters that are hand-drawn and the technique of camera mapping for sets that correspond to photographs pasted on 3D volumes. The viewer is immersed at the heart of the city thanks to the virtual reality and the binaural soundtrack.