Bienvenue en Dordogne !
Dordogne is a narrative adventure game in which you play as Mimi, a 32-year-old woman visiting the house of her recently deceased grandmother. As a souvenir of the childhood summers Mimi spent with her in Dordogne, her grandmother left her letters and puzzles to solve, to remind her to make the most out of life.
In this colourful region, full of wonderful scents and feelings, Mimi will immerse herself back into her childhood memories, and see once again through the eyes of the little girl who marveled at everything.

Co-produced with the French indie studio Un Je Ne Sais Quoi and created by Cannes Award-winning animation director Cedric Babouche, Dordogne is a charming and wholesome adventure in hand-painted 3D watercolour, coming to PC and Nintendo Switch next year. See for yourself in the announcement trailer here: