“Shangri-La”, Mathieu Bablet’s science fiction graphic novel, is the starting point of an immersive transmedia proposal. Published in 2016 by Ankama Editions, it offers a coherent and credible world-story allowing the following variations:

An immersive concert: during the show, spectators are immersed in Tianzhu Entreprises’ universe thanks to the installation of 4 giant screens creating a cube. They broadcast the comic book’s visuals which will be animated and set to music (musical composition by Vincent Girault, an electro space rock opera) live by 3 musicians dressed in typical space station costumes, and each playing from a corner of the immersive cube.

A smartfiction: a dedicated mobile application makes it possible to interact in real-time with the spectators before and during the concert. They receive occasional notifications offering a narrative and interactive sequence. These regular interactions are an opportunity to convey the atmosphere of living in this perfect society or to see that this ideal system is undermined by a revolutionary impetus.

A virtual reality experience: following the concert, spectators can pursue their immersion in the world of Shangri-La thanks to a virtual reality experience combining motion comics and an original soundtrack in binaural sound. Immersed in the heart of an arid planet, the spectators discover the continuation of our main hero’s adventure (part of the story not available in the concert), all accompanied by brand new tracks by Vincent Girault.

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Immersive concert, Smartfiction & Virtual Reality


Christelle Derré


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